About us


Delta Engineering is an ambitious company, in continuous growth and development. By using staff professionalism and expertise, excellent service,

as well as continually following up to date contemporary technology trends, our company aims to become the leader in the Kosovo market in offering the fastest and quality services, for offering the best solutions for uninterrupted high quality power supply

About Us

Delta Engineering is a professional company specialized in offering power supply solutions for telecommunication equipment, including:

• Electrical installations

• Generator installation and maintenance

• UPS installation and maintenance, as well as

• Other solutions for alternative power supply

Many years of experience, professionalism, quality of service, qualified team as well as knowledge in this industry, makes Delta Engineering a promising company in offering adequate solutions for uninterrupted power supply, for businesses. Delta Engineering also offers building and projection services for electrical installation networks. Apart from the above mentioned services, our company is also licensed for measurements of grounding, fuses, and electrical circuits, in locations where sensitive information and communication technology equipment is placed. Our company possesses all necessary equipment, resources and expertise for performing these services. Currently, Delta Engineering is offering maintenance services for advanced systems for IPKO Telecommunication Company.

An advantage of Delta Engineering is expertise created during the construction and maintenance of advanced systems, as well as follow up of the most contemporary technology trends in providing solutions for uninterrupted power supply. For a reasonable price, Delta Engineering Company offers you the most cost efficient and appropriate solutions for maintenance of power supply equipment, to suit your business needs. It enables usage of internal resources for achieving your company goals, and not worrying about issues related to power supply.


Currently, our company employs 13 staff members, including accredited electrical engineers, electrical technicians and professional mechanics, and is continuously growing. Part time staff includes 3 additional accredited engineers which can contribute according to the volume of projects

Delta Engineering staff has 25 years of experience at Energetic Corporation of Kosovo, Telecommunication company IPKO, electrical and automatic installations abroad, as well as many years of experience in installation and generator maintenance, starting from the simple ones and up to 500 kVA, SDMO generators, Cummins, John Dear, Matisa, Aksa and others

Our staff is proud, motivated, disciplined and focused in offering excellent service for our clients.


Delta Engineering offers equipment monitoring services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as well as on-site intervention, according to the highest required standards.

We are proud with customer care that we offer to our clients, and this approach has created the backbone of our company philosophy.

24/7 availality

Professional company, specialized in offering solutions for uninterrupted power supply;

No hidden cost

Qualified staff for maintenance, dedicated for offering the best quality service

Certified Mechanics

Comprehensive maintenance for all electrical equipment.

Affordable prices

Comprehensive maintenance for all electrical equipment

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